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Does New Mexico Require a Marijuana Manufacturer License to Make Cannabis Products?

Yes. Per House Bill 2, a cannabis manufacturer in New Mexico manufactures and packages cannabis products. They can sell and transport cannabis products to other cannabis establishments in the state. New Mexico also permits cannabis manufacturers to have their cannabis products tested by cannabis testing laboratories. According to the New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.2, all cannabis establishments require a cannabis manufacturer license to produce cannabis products and extracts for commercial purposes. Similarly, the New Mexico Cannabis Regulation Act) permits individuals to manufacture cannabis products for personal use. The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department regulates the activities of cannabis manufacturers in the state. They also mete out sanctions to individuals manufacturing cannabis commercially without manufacturing licenses.

Per the New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.2, a licensed cannabis manufacturer cannot manufacture or sell products that contain polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, Vitamin E acetate, or medium-chain triglycerides. They are also prohibited from combining nicotine, caffeine, or any other addictive substance with a cannabis product. Only natural caffeine in certain products is permitted.

Does New Mexico Require Licensed Cannabis Manufacturers to have Cultivation Licenses?

Yes. Per the New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.2, a licensed cannabis manufacturer must obtain a cannabis producer license to cultivate cannabis. They are also required to create and maintain a concise cultivation plan. This plan will be presented to and monitored by the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department at the point of license renewal. Licensed cannabis manufacturers may obtain cannabis from other cannabis producers and manufacturers.

How Does New Mexico Classify Marijuana Manufacturer Licenses?

As stipulated in the New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.2, cannabis manufacturing establishment licenses are classified by their activities and the level of processing involved in producing cannabis products and extracts. Some activities involve packaging, relabeling, or repackaging cannabis products. Others include cannabis infusion or complex extraction processes using volatile or non-volatile solvents.

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Manufacturing Licenses in New Mexico?

According to NMAC 16.8.2, Emergency Amendments on Manufacturer Rules, cannabis manufacturer licenses in New Mexico are classified as follows:

  • Class 1: This license permits a cannabis manufacturing establishment to package or repackage cannabis products for sale. It also allows labeling and relabeling of the containers or vessels used to package cannabis products.
  • Class 2: This license permits a cannabis manufacturing establishment to produce edible or topical products. License holders manufacture cannabis using the infusion processes. Class 2 licensees manufacture various types of cannabis products except for simple extracts or concentrates. They are also authorized to perform Class 1 activities.
  • Class 3: This license permits a cannabis establishment to perform extractions by medical methods and or non-volatile solvents. License holders can carry out Class 1 and Class 2 activities.
  • Class 4: This license permits a cannabis manufacturing establishment to perform extractions using volatile solvents or supercritical CO2. They can also perform Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 activities.

Does New Mexico Require a Separate License to Manufacture Edibles?

No. The New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.2 only requires a cannabis manufacturer license for anyone to produce edibles in New Mexico. However, a licensed cannabis manufacturer requires a server permit to operate a dispensary to distribute, serve, or sell cannabis products or edibles as part of its commercial cannabis activities.

How to Get a Cannabis Manufacturing License in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department (NMRLD) issues cannabis manufacturer licenses in the state. According to the Marijuana Use Regulation Act, only adults 21 years and older may apply for a cannabis manufacturer license in New Mexico. To obtain this license, an applicant must provide the following information and documents:

  • Contact information for the applicant, individuals with controlling interests for an entity, and the business details. These details should include legal name, email address, telephone number, the business’s physical address.
  • The class of license of interest
  • Proof of age for every individual with controlling interest in the business. The NMRLD accepts a state or a federally issued statement of identification showing the name, date of birth, and picture of the applicant or other individuals with controlling interests.
  • A diagram of the facility to be used for manufacturing. An applicant must also share details of their intended manufacturing method. The documents and images should be in PDF format.
  • Duly executed and dated document showing the applicant’s legal authority to use the proposed facility
  • A state engineer’s approval, certifying that the proposed building for the facility is safe and in a good state. A proper building or estate survey will also be conducted.
  • Criminal history reports for the applicants and all individuals with controlling interests obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the state authorities.
  • A list of all products that they intend to produce, package, and label. This should include a statement of how they will ensure the production of safe products. Applicants must meet the hygiene requirements of the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act.
  • A description of their proposed method of obtaining cannabis from a cannabis producer or a micro producer.
  • An attestation by the applicant that all information provided in the application is precise, correct, and complete.
  • Document from the state’s Environmental Department showing all the required permits for the production, retail sale, and distribution of edibles are required for class 2 to class 4 licensees
  • For Class 4 licenses, a signed attestation from a certified state engineer stating that the equipment to be used in the chemical extraction process is a closed-loop system. This attestation must indicate that the system is also used for its intended purposes.
  • Proof of payment of the required fees as outlined in New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.11.

Once all the required documents are available, an applicant must complete the online application and upload all supporting documents. Application and supporting documents may also be mailed directly to the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department at:

New Mexico Cannabis Control Division

Regulation & Licensing Department

2550 Cerrillos Road,

Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone: (505) 476-4500

Applicants will then be required to pay non-refundable licensing fees and premises fees when submitting their completed applications.

How Much Does a Cannabis Manufacturing License Cost in New Mexico?

According to the New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.11, cannabis manufacturer licenses in New Mexico are issued annually and cost $2,500 per annum. A licensed cannabis manufacturer with multiple locations must pay $1,000 annually for each additional location they operate.

Applicants are required to pay licensing fees via credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, electronic bank transfers, automated clearing house payments, or cashier’s checks. Cash payments are not accepted.

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