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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in Rio Rancho?

Yes, there are dispensaries in Rio Rancho for medical and recreational cannabis users. In 2021, Rio Rancho's home state, New Mexico, legalized recreational cannabis after the passage of the Cannabis Regulation Act, also known as HB 2. This Act legalized the consumption and commercial sale of marijuana for recreational purposes everywhere in New Mexico, including Rio Rancho. It permits local jurisdictions to adopt rules to regulate cannabis activities within their boundaries, including limiting the number of marijuana establishments. Although Rio Rancho does not prohibit the establishment of weed dispensaries within its borders, per Section 122.04 of the Rio Rancho Municipal Code, no dispensaries must establish their facility within 300 feet of the following places:

  • Private or public schools

  • Religious institutions

  • Home-based or commercial daycare facilities

  • Any residentially zoned district or places with any underlying residential use

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Rio Rancho?

Yes. Rio Rancho does not prohibit the establishment of medical dispensaries within the city limits. The Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act (SB 525) legalized medical marijuana in New Mexico. It allows the establishment of medical dispensaries in the state, including Rio Rancho.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in Rio Rancho?

Yes, Rio Rancho residents can order cannabis online from dispensaries offering online marijuana services within the city. Usually, cannabis products ordered online are delivered to consumers via local courier services put in place by New Mexico.

Visiting a Dispensary in Rio Rancho

Although it is not mandatory, calling a dispensary in Rio Rancho or looking up information on their website is often recommended, especially for first-timers. Doing this will help a person confirm dispensary operating hours and the type of marijuana products they sell. To find a dispensary in Rio Rancho, search the internet using "cannabis dispensaries near me" or "weed dispensaries in Rio Rancho." Generally, individuals visiting dispensaries in Rio Rancho must carry valid government-issued IDs. Otherwise, they will be denied entry. Similarly, cannabis patients enrolled in the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program must provide their state-issued medical marijuana cards to buy medical weed in Rio Rancho licensed medical dispensaries.

While at the dispensary, there is usually a staff waiting to help consumers. They can advise a person based on their cannabis needs. Most dispensaries in Rio Rancho sell marijuana products like topicals, edibles, dried flowers, and concentrates.

Rio Rancho Dispensary Laws

Rio Rancho dispensary laws are outlined in Chapter 11 of the Rio Rancho Municipal Code, and they include the following:

  • Rio Rancho prohibits any dispensary not licensed by the New Mexico Cannabis Control Division (CCD) from operating within the boundaries of the city. Dispensaries must also obtain every essential permit and approval from the city before operating

  • No licensed dispensaries must operate their business from home

  • Licensed dispensaries in Rio Rancho must not operate as a mobile establishment, for instance, from a food truck

  • Weed dispensary in Rio Rancho may only operate between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. between Mondays and Saturdays and between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Sundays

  • No dispensary must be cited within 300 feet of any school, childcare facility, religious institution, or public facility outlined in Section 154.03 of the Rio Rancho Municipal Code

  • Licensed recreational cannabis dispensaries may only sell marijuana to adults 21 years and older

  • Dispensaries in prohibited from advertising cannabis products on radio or TV

Recreational Laws in Rio Rancho

Recreational marijuana laws in Rio Rancho include the following:

  • Adults 21 years and older may grow marijuana plants at home, but cultivation is limited to six mature and six immature plants, with no more than 12 marijuana plants per household. Cultivation must be in an enclosed space not visible to the public

  • Recreational can only be consumed on private property, not in public

  • Adults 21 years and over may only purchase up to 16 grams of concentrate, 2 ounces of usable cannabis, and 800 grams of edibles at a time from licensed recreational dispensaries

  • Driving under the influence of marijuana is prohibited in Rio Rancho

Medical Cannabis Laws in Rio Rancho

The following are some of the medical cannabis laws in Rio Rancho:

  • Medical cannabis is not for everyone. Only patients with at least one qualifying medical condition or their caregivers can purchase medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries in Rio Rancho

  • Medical cannabis patients can purchase up to 15 ounces of medical marijuana every 90 days

  • New Mexico marijuana law permits medical patients to purchase recreational cannabis products once they reach their monthly medicine limit

  • Medical cannabis patients with medical marijuana cards can grow up to 16 marijuana plants at home for medical uses. However, only four of the plants can be at the flowering stage

  • It is illegal to use medical cannabis in public in Rio Rancho. Any public consumption of cannabis in the city and other parts of New Mexico is punishable with a citation and up to a $50 fine

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Rio Rancho

Qualified medical cannabis patients can get a medical marijuana card in Rio Rancho by applying via mail (paper applications) or online to the Medical Cannabis Program under the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH). The Department of Health processes paper applications within 30 days of receipt, while online applications are processed within five business days of receipt.

For paper applications, an applicant's medical provider must complete the Medical Cannabis Program Patient Application Form, which must be jointly signed by the patient and the medical provider. The patient must provide a copy of their New Mexico State-issued ID and a medical record form from their medical provider certifying them for medical cannabis in addition to a completed application form and submit all to the DOH at:

Medical Cannabis Program

P.O. Box 26110

Santa Fe, NM 87502-6110

Cannabis patients can also apply for a New Mexico medical marijuana card in Rio Rancho online via the New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program Online Portal. The DOH provides guides on using the online portal and how approved patients can access their electronic cards.

Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Rio Rancho?

The legal and safest place to consume marijuana in Rio Rancho is indoors in a private residence.

How to Buy Cannabis at a Rio Rancho Dispensary

Persons visiting weed dispensaries in Rio Rancho for recreational purposes must hold their state-issued photo ID showing they are at least 21. On the other hand, registered marijuana patients are required to provide their state-issued medical cannabis card in order to purchase medical cannabis from licensed medical cannabis in Rio Rancho. Consumers are advised to hold cash when visiting Rio Rancho dispensaries, as weed dispensaries do not accept other payment forms besides cash.

The Average Price in Rio Rancho

In Rio Rancho, medium-quality marijuana costs an average of $220 per ounce and about $280 per ounce for high-quality weed.

Most Popular Strains in Rio Rancho

The most popular strains of cannabis in Rio Rancho include Mexican Sativa, Acapulco Gold, Haze, Trainwreck, and Cannalope Haze.

Can You Smoke in Public in Rio Rancho?

No, it is unlawful to smoke marijuana in public in Rio Rancho. Under the Cannabis Regulation Act, anyone caught smoking in a public space risks a fine of up to $50.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in Rio Rancho?

Adults 21 years and older can possess up to 800 milligrams of cannabis edibles, 2 ounces of cannabis flowers, and 16 grams of marijuana concentrate at once for recreational purposes in Rio Rancho. Medical cannabis patients with medical marijuana cards and their caregivers can possess up to 15 ounces of cannabis every 90 days.

Can I Ship Cannabis in Rio Rancho?

No, it is illegal to ship cannabis in Rio Rancho because federal law prohibits shipping cannabis across state lines.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in Rio Rancho

For convenience, Rio Rancho residents can order cannabis online from online dispensaries within the city.

Are there 24-hour Dispensaries in Rio Rancho?

No. Section 122.05 of the Rio Rancho Municipal Code prohibits 24-hour dispensaries.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in Rio Rancho?

Yes. Tourists can use legal recreational dispensaries in Rio Rancho, provided they are at least 21 years of age. Similarly, medical cannabis on tour from another state to Rio Rancho, New Mexico, can use licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Rio Rancho, but they must register at a dispensary. However, they can only use cannabis sourced in New Mexico.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in Rio Rancho?

Yes, dispensaries in Rio Rancho require anyone visiting their establishments to buy recreational weed to provide a valid government-issued photo ID. Licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the city also demand patients' medical marijuana cards before serving cannabis patients.

Best Dispensaries in Rio Rancho

Based on consumers' reviews, the best dispensaries in Rio Rancho include The Verdes Foundation and Altitude.

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in Rio Rancho?

Dispensaries in Rio Rancho scan customers' IDs at the point of sale for age verification and to ascertain the authenticity of the cards.

How Many Dispensaries are in Rio Rancho?

New Mexico marijuana laws do not specify a limit on the number of dispensaries a person can visit or the number of times an individual can visit in one day in Rio Rancho. However, residents must stay within the legal possession limits to avoid facing marijuana-possession penalties.

Can Dispensaries in Rio Rancho Take Credit Cards?

No. Federal law prohibits marijuana. Since federal laws bind card companies, dispensaries would be violating federal rules if they take card payments for marijuana sales.

How Many Dispensaries You Can Visit in One Day in Rio Rancho

Currently, Rio Rancho has two approved marijuana dispensaries within the city limits.

Do Dispensaries in Rio Rancho Take Health Insurance?

No. In compliance with federal laws, dispensaries in Rio Rancho do not take health insurance from patients as means of payment for their medical cannabis products.

Do Dispensaries in Rio Rancho Track How Much Weed You Buy?

Yes, licensed dispensaries in Rio Rancho track the amount of cannabis products consumers buy using the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Tracking System.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in the Rio Rancho at Age 18?

Individuals 18 years and over can enter licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Rio Rancho, provided they have valid New Mexico medical cannabis cards. Only persons 21 years or older can enter recreational weed dispensaries within the city.

Where Can I Find Rio Rancho Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

Rio Rancho cannabis regulator's contact information is available on the New Mexico Division of Cannabis Control (CCD)website.

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in Rio Rancho?

Report every incident of illegal cannabis activity within the boundaries of Rio Rancho to the New Mexico Division of Cannabis Control by completing an online form or contacting them at (505) 476-4995. The Rio Rancho Police Department also encourages anyone with information on illegal cannabis activities in the city to report them at (505) 891-7226.